Creating KRAFTON culture of free
communication and active interactions
  • KLT KRATFON Live Talk

    We believe we can achieve our vision by constantly discussing the values and direction that Krafton pursues and garnering understanding and empathy from all members.

    KLT is KRAFTON’s central communication program that has been regularly conducted since September 2015. At KLT, held on the third Thursday of every month, members and the management gather to openly share big and small matters of the company and freely ask and answer questions.

  • KDC KRAFTON Developer Conference

    Communication with talented colleagues creates the foundation for rich and vibrant company life.

    KDC events are networking opportunities where you can talk, share interests, and get to know more about your colleagues who are working on similar jobs in each project. As you enjoy conversations, lectures, food, and games together, you will both have fun and befriend great colleagues who have the same interests and concerns as you.

  • KKDP KRAFTON Knowledge Distribution Program

    We pursue a development culture that promotes developers’ capacity growth and provides diverse perspectives.

    KKDP is a knowledge exchange program that exchanges development-related experiences, knowledge, and insights between domestic and foreign development teams, building and developing networks in the process. We hope that these exchanges are not only about sharing information but lead to a development culture with a virtuous cycle involving the following components: “sharing/exchange – recognition/learning/stimulation – growth – motivation/more opportunities.”


    By discussing various agendas and transparently sharing the results within the company, we create a culture where all members can build consensus together.

    The Communication Committee is a council of members from each department who gather to discuss various internal agendas and seek development directions together, creating a foundation for shared growth of both members and the company. The communication committee members express opinions on behalf of each department and, discuss rationally, and deliver the results coherently back to colleagues.